What’s My Watch Worth?

The Watch Valetfinds buyers looking for your individual watch make and model; buyers who appreciate the market value of your timepiece. This differs from pawn shops, craigslist, ebay or other online brokerage services!

Our brokerage process is secure, hassle-free, and transparent. We work hard to makes sure you are getting the most value for your luxury watch possible. We are in this as a TEAM. If you don’t get a fair price for your watch, and don’t accept any offers, we get nothing. So its in our best interest, to have your best interest in mind.

From the second you submit your appraisal form – our expert watch brokers are tasked with making sure your watch receives good offers from hungry buyers.

 The Watch Valettakes the guess work out of wondering what your watch is worth. Instead of just one person offering you “X” amount for your watch - we shop your watch to hundreds of buyers - creating a sales environment that allows the best offers to rise to the top!

Once you fill out the form to the right, you will be contacted by one of our watch brokers. Your broker will work with you to determine the exact condition and marketability of your timepiece, so that our buyers know exactly what they are bidding on.

Once the details of your watch are nailed down, your broker will send you a FREE and FULLY INSURED shipping label for your watch. You simply pack up the watch, with any box or accessories you have, and drop it off at any FedEx facility.

Once we receive your watch – it will be cleaned, documented and photographed. We begin the process by videotaping the opening of the package. We then clean your watch, before taking hi-resolution photographs of the watch from all angles. Your broker will then begin shopping your watch to our network of interested buyers.

Instead of getting a “ballpark” range on what your watch will sell for – your broker will call you the next day with REAL OFFERS.

The entire process takes just a couple of days – and will give you a realistic valuation of your watch!

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